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CRO and Pharma

Are you a contract research organization (CRO) or pharmaceutical company seeking to optimize your clinical trial designs to save costs and achieve better outcomes?

Our solution can help you save up to 25% in cost per clinical trial by enabling decentralized clinical trials. You get a more representative and compliant enrolment while saving around $10 million per clinical trial!

1st Sense® by Vitalink AI®: Revolutionizing Clinical Trials through Advanced Biometric Monitoring

As a CRO or a pharmaceutical company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of medical research, are you looking to streamline your clinical trials, reduce costs, and enhance outcome quality? Look no further. 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® is your next leap forward in achieving groundbreaking clinical trial efficiency.

Decentralized Clinical Trial Enablement

With 1st Sense®, embrace the future of clinical trials. Our system facilitates decentralized trials, offering you the possibility to slash traditional costs by up to 25%. Imagine saving an estimated $10 million per trial, all while increasing patient enrollment and compliance, and capturing a more diverse patient demographic.

Seamless Biometric Device Integration

Our platform seamlessly connects with a wide range of biometric monitoring devices, providing an all-encompassing view of patient health. This unified approach ensures high-quality data collection and is fully compatible with PointClickCare and other EMR/EHR systems, enhancing data integrity and operational harmony.

Continuous, Real-Time Health Data Capture

Harness the power of continuous monitoring. Our technology tracks critical health metrics, offering real-time alerts for any physiological and mental health changes, thus ensuring patient safety and enabling immediate response in your clinical trials.

Data-Driven Dashboard

Centralize your trial data with our integrated dashboard, offering an immediate, comprehensive view of patient health metrics within PointClickCare’s interface or that of another EMR/EHR of your choice. This allows for swift, data-informed decisions that can streamline trial management and improve outcomes.

Predictive Analytics for Patient Monitoring

1st Sense® isn’t just retrospective; it’s predictive. Utilize our machine learning algorithms to not only view historical health data but also to anticipate potential health events, reducing patient risk and improving the quality of your trial data.

Efficient Patient Management

Optimize patient care within trials. Our analytics prioritize patient needs, ensuring those requiring attention receive it promptly—thus enhancing the patient experience and the integrity of your trial results.

Strategic Insights for Drug Development

Our platform provides strategic insights that enable you to make more informed decisions about drug development paths, potentially reducing time to market and enhancing the therapeutic impact.

With 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® you’re not just adopting a patient monitoring system; you’re enabling a more efficient, safer, and cost-effective approach to clinical trials that can drive innovation and accelerate drug development timelines.

Please Note: While 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® offers advanced biometric monitoring, it is intended to supplement clinical trial processes and is not a replacement for professional medical oversight.

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