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Keep a Loving Eye on Your Loved Ones with 1st Sense®

Caring for an elderly loved one or someone with chronic health issues can be challenging, but with 1st Sense®, you have a partner that helps you stay informed and proactive about their health – all without disrupting their comfort or your peace of mind.

Easy Integration with Health Devices

1st Sense® works effortlessly with a variety of health monitoring devices – whether it’s a wearable watch that tracks heart rate or an ambient sensor that monitors room conditions. If you already have devices you trust, we can work with them, or we can help you choose new ones that fit your specific needs.

Continuous Health Monitoring

The health of your loved ones is too important to miss a beat. That’s why our app diligently watches over their heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, and even sleep quality. If something’s off, we’ll make sure you know immediately through real-time alerts.

Simple, Informative Dashboard

When it comes to understanding your loved one’s health, clarity is key. Our dashboard is straightforward – offering you a real-time snapshot of their vital signs at a glance, which can be crucial in preventing emergencies.

Look Back to Plan Ahead

With 1st Sense®, you don’t just get real-time data. You can look back at your loved one’s health history, track improvements, or spot concerns, helping you and their healthcare team make informed decisions.

Smart Health Predictions

Using advanced machine learning, our app doesn’t just track health data; it analyzes patterns to forecast possible health issues. This means you have the chance to act before minor issues become major concerns.

1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® isn’t just an app; it’s your ally in providing the best care for those you cherish. We’re here to support you with technology that’s smart, sensitive, and centered around the well-being of your family.

Please note, that while we offer detailed health monitoring, Vitalink AI is not a substitute for professional medical advice or emergency services.

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