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Are you providing senior care in any setting, from long-term living to post-acute care?

Are you an oncologist or a general practitioner following patients post-chemotherapy or immunotherapy and worried about missing acute health deterioration these patients are at risk of due to immunosuppression?

Are you seeking to step up the level of monitoring vital signs using the latest hardware and software technologies to catch the deterioration in the health of your patients sooner while also reducing the work burden on your staff by smart automation? We can help!

The 1st Sense® solution seamlessly integrates with commercially available biometric monitoring devices, including wearable and ambient sensors, to provide a 360-degree view of patients’ status and achieve efficiency in monitoring. We provide an app that works anywhere and also integrates with an EMR of your choice.

Senior Care

Elevate Senior Care with 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI®, Integrated with PointClickCare

As a senior care provider, whether in long-term living, post-acute care, or any other setting, you understand the importance of continuous, compassionate care. 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® brings a technological edge to your compassionate service, now enriched with seamless PointClickCare integration for unparalleled care management.

Unified Device Integration: Our 1st Sense® solution easily interfaces with a broad spectrum of biometric monitoring devices. This ensures that you receive a comprehensive view of each resident’s health, tailored to suit the unique requirements of your care setting. This compatibility extends to PointClickCare, ensuring you have a unified, seamless operation.

Real-Time Health Monitoring: With 1st Sense®, your team gains the advantage of around-the-clock health surveillance. We monitor everything from heart rate and respiratory rate to oxygen saturation and sleep patterns. When anomalies arise, they’re flagged instantly, allowing for swift, potentially life-saving action.

Centralized Health Data Dashboard: The PointClickCare integration allows all vital information to be funneled into a straightforward dashboard. This gives your care team immediate access to the vital signs and wellness metrics they need to make quick, informed decisions.

Historical Insights and Predictive Analytics: But we go beyond the here and now. 1st Sense® provides a historical overview of each resident’s health, enabling you to observe long-term trends and anticipate potential health events before they happen, thanks to our advanced machine learning algorithms.

Care Prioritization and Efficiency: Our solution helps you refine the prioritization of care. By using the analytics provided by 1st Sense® within PointClickCare’s ecosystem, you can ensure the right resident receives the right attention at the right time, streamlining your workflow and enhancing resident outcomes.

Informed Decision-Making for Senior Care Providers: With the robust data analytics at your disposal, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions that can improve resident health outcomes while also managing operational costs effectively.

1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® isn’t just a monitoring system; it’s an integral component of your commitment to delivering superior senior care. Together, we enable you to continue offering empathetic, attentive, and sophisticated care to those who matter most.

Please Note: Vitalink AI’s 1st Sense® augments the care process and is not intended to replace professional medical advice or emergency response systems.


For Oncologists and General Practitioners

1st Sense® by Vitalink AI®: Advancing Post-Therapy Patient Monitoring

Are you an oncologist or a general practitioner managing patients post-chemotherapy or immunotherapy? Are you concerned about the acute risk of health deterioration due to immunosuppression? 

1st Sense® is here to enhance your patient monitoring capabilities. Our system integrates flawlessly with an array of biometric monitoring devices, including the latest in wearable and ambient technology, to give you a complete picture of your patient’s health status.

Seamless EMR Integration: Not only do we ensure comprehensive monitoring, but our system also integrates with the EMR of your choice, bridging the gap between data collection and patient management.

Efficient Monitoring, Enhanced Care: By choosing 1st Sense®, you’re not just investing in technology—you’re stepping up the level of care. You can detect health deteriorations sooner and reduce the workload on your staff through our smart automation features.

Let 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® assist you in providing vigilant, responsive care to your patients when they need it the most. 

Please Note: 1st Sense® by Vitalink AI® complements your clinical expertise and should not substitute for professional medical advice or emergency medical services.

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